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Make your taxes a breeze.

Taxes don’t have to ruin your life. Instead, get the professional filing services you need.

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Any form for any situation.

Whether you’re a single adult filing a 1040-EZ or a financial expert with foreign investments or ownership in a partnership, we’re always here to help. EZ Income Tax can make the most out of any return, including forms like:

  • 1040 – personal income tax return
  • Schedule C – self-employed income
  • 1116 – foreign tax credit
  • 6251 – Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Schedule D – investment income
  • 4562 – depreciation and amortization schedules

Start planning for the future.

Your taxes may be due on April 15th but that doesn’t mean tax time comes once a year. In fact, with the right tax planning, you can make smart choices throughout the year to save yourself money. Get assistance for the future with information about:

  • IRA contributions and deductions
  • Tax loss selling
  • Childcare and tuition and fees deductions
  • Estimated payment schedules
  • Qualified itemized deductions

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